#Islamic state’s chief excutioner-who has beheaded more than 100 people-is knifed to death in an ambush in Iraq

The decapitator, nicknamed Abu Sayyaf, was killed near Mosul on Sunday night

He was known for his huge frame and was rolled out by ISIS for their sick videos

As well as being the ISIS’ chief executioner, he was the group’s leader in Nineveh

His name translates to ‘father of swordsmith’ and he collected his victims’ heads

Islamic State’s chief executioner, who has beheaded more than 100 people, has been stabbed to death in an ambush in Iraq.
Nicknamed Abu Sayyaf, he was dubbed one of the terror groups scariest decapitators and was paraded in their sick videos for his huge frame.
He was also said to be leading ISIS in the Nineveh State, where he was killed by an unknown group who swarmed terrorist territory. 

Abu Sayyaf was paraded by ISIS for his enormous frame like The Bulldozer (pictured) 

Abu Sayyaf, translated to mean ‘father of swordsmith’, is also the name for an ISIS branch in the Philippines synonymous with beheadings and kidnappings. 
The executioner, who died in the al-Dasawa region in the western side of the city of Nineveh, was renowned for collecting the heads of his victims and dumping them in the same infamous hole in the region of al-Khasaf

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