What is happening to Liverpool?

It’s been a very lonely walk in the park for the Merseyside outfit and fans are left wondering how a season that was supposed to be a title fight is turning into a top four scrap. It is the first full season in charge for mercurial coach, Jurgen Klopp and he was supposed to imbue slick, precise, German efficiency into an underperforming Liverpool team but so far, it has been a stop-start season.
They’ve performed at a high level but  inconsistency has been their bane, a failure to regularly produce a world class display. Ironically, it could all be the fault of Jurgen Klopp. The German tactician’s signature is relentless pressing, every player running and harrying in an attempt to bully the opposition into submission.

Klopp demands that his players play at full pelt for 90mins and while it may have worked wonders for him in Germany where the pace is relatively sedate, this is the Premier League, a league renown for its intensity and where players are at risk of burning out if they exert themselves too much.
The players have run their legs into the ground and this dip in form could be due to fatigue.
Liverpool have dropped points carelessly and their position high up in the league table is testament to what could have been if they had been more consistent.
The Reds may yet recover the form and freshness that m

ade them title contenders earlier in the season and finish as high up as possible on the table but the title dream is a mirage. They may have to settle for less


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