Oyongo calls Senegal win ‘key moment

Ambroise Oyongo

Tue, 07 Feb 2017 | 02:16

Looking back at every tournament, key moments punctuate when the winner emerges. For Cameroon, it was the quarterfinal win.

That’s according to defender Ambroise Oyongo, speaking after the Indomitable Lions edged 2-1 on Sunday. “It is amazing because we went so far. We worked very hard and it was difficult. We played against all the big teams in Africa,” Oyongo told FIFA.

“We played against Senegal, Ghana and now we played against Egypt. I think we deserved it. It was very difficult, but now we are champions,” he added.

Ambroise Oyongo, who played every minute of his team’s successful jaunt in Gabon, saw the Lions end Group A in second, and then they met Senegal in the quarters. “After beating Senegal, we became more confident, because Senegal was the best team at this Africa Cup of Nations. So when we beat them, we were confident that we could win this competition,” he added.

Victories against Ghana and then, eventually, the Pharaohs, followed as they clinched a fifth trophy. Now, the Lions will prepare for the Fifa Confederations’ Cup in Russia. “All the best teams from all around the world compete in the Confederations Cup,” he said. “I think we will prepare well for that competition. We have a good team and if we prepare as we did for AFCON, we will be ready and we can do something there.”

“When you play football you have to be ready to play against all the best players, so we have to prepare for that and focus. We can play against Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo — that will be difficult — but that is football. You have to accept that, you have to fight if you want to play against the best, so I will take up the challenge,” Oyongo said.


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