400-year-old church rises from underworld after being hidden for decades (photos)

– The temple reportedly disappeared in the 1960s. Its recently captured photos and video footage show that it has never crumbled

– Historians believe the temple was built by the monks and nuns in the 1500s when Christianity arrived in the region. See the amazing photos for yourself

A historic temple that disappeared in the 1960s has been discovered.

The Dominican church was allegedly swallowed by water several decades ago but was recently exposed as a result of severe drought that dried up the lake where the temple had submerged.

Early appearance of the church, which normally appears in Marhc every year, demonstrates the water crisis facing the region, according to officials

Historians and religious leaders believe the temple was built way back in the 1500s by monks and nuns who were on a mission to spread Christianity.

Incredibly the church building is almost perfectly intact, despite being underwater for decades

The church becomes visible most years, but officials say this year’s drought is particularly severe


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