Lose 10kg in 25 days with this new never seen fat loss therapy [See real testimonies inside]

This is a sponsored post…

Let me make a weightloss Promise to you right now, Ifyou don’t lose from 7-15kg in 30 days using this new 3-in-1 Weightloss Therapy which has given results to over 80 Nigerian Men and Women in one month since it was introduced in Nigeria, We will refund your full money with a written apology for wasting your time.

I am making this sincere promise because this Therapy has been tested and tested severally to ensure it works for Nigerian women who weigh as much as 160kg.

Why does this New Weightloss Therapy Work this much?

Unlike the popular slimming teas, belly belts and Slim patch being sold everywhere, The Burnin30 3-IN-1 Rapid Fatloss Therapy combines the 4 Known best Approaches to losing weight and keeping it off.

And they are:
1. Detoxification (Eliminating fatty toxins from your body)
2. Proper Nutrition and Healthy eating
3. A Special Never seen 100% Herbal fatloss Supplement.
4. Simple At home workouts and,

The Burn in 30 Kit comes with an Alkaline Drink (Super detoxifier), 100% Herbal fatloss Supplement, A Manual with 8 weeks Meal Plan(100% Nigerian foods) and a Workout DVD routine(At home workouts, no equipment)

Now this is how they work together to help you drop from 2-5kg in the first week and Over 18kg at the end of the Therapy. No Hype!

In the first week you will drop from 2-5kg just by detoxifying your system and breaking fats from fat cells with the aid of this Special Alkaline Drink as well as a simple guide on exactly the right kinds of food to eat found in the Manual.

Then You also have the 100% Herbal fatloss Supplements which works the kind of magic you have never seen before. I have tried several supplements in the past but the Burn Slim supplementbeats all others because when combined with the Meal plan in the booklet, it burns off Visceral and Subcutaneous belly fat, arm fat, thigh fat and even excess boobs fat.

The Workout DVD and the first 4 weeks meal plan on its own, is what most weightloss and fitness coaches would put you through and charge more than N30K per month for.
Let me not bore you with too much talks and show you real life testimonies of the kind of results burn in 30 is giving…

If you are tired of all the embarrassment that comes with being fat, and seriously want to drop that fat for the next wedding, birthday and dinner, you seriously need to consider trying the Burn in 30 3-in-1 combined therapy.

This is no magic pill, you will need to do some work, but the good thing is that this work is total fun, you are going to be combining this magic herbal supplement with the right kinds of delicious Nigerian foods.

I hop this is not too much work to do.

Here are some more testimonies…

Here is Another one from a Happy User  

Now look at what this Therapy looks like in Real life.

The Burn in 30 Kit and Manual

This 3-in-1 Therapy Normally goes for N33,000 but we are currently running a Special Launch Promo in Nigeria and this is an opportunity for LindaIkeji Readers to take part of this and put shameful belly, arm and body fat in the trash can.

We cannot overemphasize how much this therapy is working and this is your chance to get it for just N27,00 Today. 

Here is how to Order for your Kit and get it anywhere you are in Nigeria.

Simply send us a text message with the following details.

“Your Full Name”
“Preferred Address of Delivery (Your home or Office)”
“Phone Numbers (If you have more than one better)”
“Preferred Date of Delivery (if you are not yet in town)”

Send this as a text message or Whatsapp Message to 08126594436 

Once you make your order, we will get your kit to you in 3-7 days

But in 24hours if your reside in Abuja, Uyo, PH or Lagos

Take action today and thank us Later for making this hidden opportunity Public!

We have just 50 Copies left and it’s strictly on First come first serve.

Contact us on SMS/Phone/Whatsapp on 08126594436www.burnin30.ng


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