Grieving parents shocked to see video of their son lying in his coffin on social media after asking barber to trim his hair

A Grieving couple who asked a barber to trim the hair of their dead son, for his funeral were horrified when a video on Facebook showing the process of the cut.

Cameron Chadwick, 15, died on February 7 after his moped collided with a lamppost in Manchester, England.

Preparing for his funeral, Stacy and John Chadwick asked a local barber from Mo’s Barbers to cut their son’s hair. However, as the hairdresser from the shop carried out the cut, his friend that came along filmed it and later posted it on Facebook.

The Chadwicks were devastated when they saw the video. People were also outraged by the sickening action and an outraged friend responded to the video, saying: ‘I cannot believe my friend trusted you to cut her precious son’s hair before she laid him to rest and you took a video… disgusting.’

A spokesman for the barber has since apologised on Facebook before taking down the shop’s page. The shop also apologised and said it had banned the hairdresser’s friend from the premises

Cameron’s family described the teenager as a ‘beautiful brave boy, taken from us all too suddenly’. A statement from Cameron’s head teacher, Paul Bousfield of Abraham Guest Academy, said the ‘popular and lively’ student would be ‘sadly missed by all’.


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